Encouraging growth through technology.

About Us

Risetech strives to provide technical service that is dependable and consistent and economically viable. It aims to deliver sound advice and direction, backed by individuals who have more than 10 years of extensive knowledge and experience in their relevant fields. These individuals have good reputations and references within the marketplace.

Our aim is to ensure that through technology, our clients have at their disposal the required tools to create business efficacy, whilst being continually committed to outstanding customer service.

The Company's Certifications and experience existing within the company and its associated partners include Mweb, Mustek, Introstat and Edenvale Computers as well as a number of other market related vendors.

 Risetech Vision

To provide customers with a Turn Key IT partner, supply products, services, support and technical expertise ensuring on-going efficiency and value.

Risetech Mission

Providing client specific solutions, that is cost effective, clear and logical. Creating value through flexible costing solutions.